Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Addiction leads to Crust bikes.

The road is my addiction. It has taken everything from me, but unlike other addictions, it has  given back immensely. I no longer know if  it is on a conscious level of dedication and commitment to living this life, or if it is just like any other addiction, one of which is completely out of the addicts control.

Just like most highs, the ones from travel and perpetual movement leave me soaring and in constant search of the next hit, but when that hit can't be found, when the 9-5 reality sneaks back into my life and once again I find myself working a job I have no passion for, then the lows can become suffocating. So in an attempt to find my balance and a more steady happieness in my life I am attempting to start a bicycle company.

I am sure this endeavor will prove to be my wildest ride to date, as I know little to nothing of the both the bicycle industry, or running a business. With that said however, I would rather try something and fail, then never know what could have been.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Well it took me a while to get a update done. But here are some pics of Goat and my time in Nepal. It was a fantastic trip. For some more words and to keep an eye on what Goat is doing head over to