Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sponsorship or sinking ship?

Wally is hard at the publicity and trying his best to get us some free food.
Here is his first attempt at it. Call me crazy but I have a feeling we will be going hungry.

Why hello Clif Bar! I do hope this day is finding you well. My name is....Mr. Olympia. My friend Mr. Berreman and I are having an adventure. We are going to ride motorcycles, bmx bikes, surfboards, and maybe even cartwheel, through Canada and the "US of A". We might get a tad bit peckish on our journey, but I've got, "more than a feeling" a peanut-butter builder bar or two (hundred) would hit the spot ;)

Now I know what you're thinking; and with good cause. "Here are two more dingus hippies looking for a handout and postponing "real life" with some over hyped trip to Canada. Actually, when I really think about it, you are probably not thinking that at all. You are probably thinking "Hell yes! Two dudes making magical leprechaun unicorn dreams come true! AND, they want to eat our product to keep them fueled up and on point, so they can make hilarious video edits of their trip."
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Well I accidentally hit the "send" button on my friends iPhone before I finished the email. Anyway, where was I???? Ahh yes, hilarious video edits.

We are going to document our trip with YouTube, instagram (@afewsketchymoments)  our website ( and smoke signals. We would love to add the glorious clif bar logo to our website, video edit credits, and generally "raise da roof" and rave about how delicious and nutritious your products are. It's free advertising! :)

We will even come visit you guys in Oakland on our way through California! I mean, could it get any better??!?!

Well, I hope you give us a chance. We will make you proud.


Mr. Olympia

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