Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A couple of fools...

Skimming across the water at 30 knots on a catamaran named the “Clipper”. Bound for Seattle. From Seattle a bus will take me to Yakima, where my new bike awaits. Another $1000 special. Although this bike lacks certain charms of the charismatic Mr. Knowles, it does have a practical confidence to it. (despite the fact it would not stat when I first saw it) This robust trail machine I am hoping will take me down to the tip of south America. It feels as though I have been trying to get down to south America for the last 4 years, with out much success. The weight of this desire is now starting to become a burden, it is said that to keep trying the same thing and expecting a different outcome is a cause of insanity. If this is true then I must be on a crush course with insanity.  Knowing full well that both Wally and I have no real plans to speak of, and we may well be heading  to the east coast first to see friends, insanity is seeming a lot closer then Tierra del Fuego.

Some words from Wally

 So I tend to not plan things. I'm a "doer not a thinker" as my mom puts it. I take that comment with a grain of salt, and usually my last minute way of life works out.

  I prefer to go with the flow, rather than lay out some detailed plan of how I hope things will go. I do this simply because I learned a long time ago that when you really get down to it, planning anything is silly. As in control as we like to think we are, the reality of it all is, we are on a rock ripping through space.

  Some might think my lack of planning is laziness shrouded in "spontaneity". I say, "tomato tom├íto".

  My point is...I always could've searched for my passport a week earlier so I could rest soundly knowing I could get into Canada without much trouble, and sure I also could've ordered my ortlieb bag a few days before I actually did, to ensure it would get to me in Austin with plenty of time to spare. But had I done things like that, I wouldn't have worried Matty (a little), lost hours of sleep myself hoping the USPS didn't lose my passport, prayed to Gandhi, Mohammad, Jesus, and Steve Jobs asking them to grant all my ordered and mailed necessities safe passage to Austin Texas, and I damn sure wouldn't have given myself a reason to celebrate with a cold one now that all of those things have showed up on time...I also wouldn't have written this.

Gift, or curse?

See you in 48 hours, open road.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sponsorship or sinking ship?

Wally is hard at the publicity and trying his best to get us some free food.
Here is his first attempt at it. Call me crazy but I have a feeling we will be going hungry.

Why hello Clif Bar! I do hope this day is finding you well. My name is....Mr. Olympia. My friend Mr. Berreman and I are having an adventure. We are going to ride motorcycles, bmx bikes, surfboards, and maybe even cartwheel, through Canada and the "US of A". We might get a tad bit peckish on our journey, but I've got, "more than a feeling" a peanut-butter builder bar or two (hundred) would hit the spot ;)

Now I know what you're thinking; and with good cause. "Here are two more dingus hippies looking for a handout and postponing "real life" with some over hyped trip to Canada. Actually, when I really think about it, you are probably not thinking that at all. You are probably thinking "Hell yes! Two dudes making magical leprechaun unicorn dreams come true! AND, they want to eat our product to keep them fueled up and on point, so they can make hilarious video edits of their trip."
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Well I accidentally hit the "send" button on my friends iPhone before I finished the email. Anyway, where was I???? Ahh yes, hilarious video edits.

We are going to document our trip with YouTube, instagram (@afewsketchymoments)  our website ( and smoke signals. We would love to add the glorious clif bar logo to our website, video edit credits, and generally "raise da roof" and rave about how delicious and nutritious your products are. It's free advertising! :)

We will even come visit you guys in Oakland on our way through California! I mean, could it get any better??!?!

Well, I hope you give us a chance. We will make you proud.


Mr. Olympia

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Friday, May 24, 2013

New bikes

Both Wally and I have brought ourselves new bikes for the journey.
Wally's being a 1996 Yamaha XT225, and mine being a 1995.
Both bikes where bought unseen from Craigslist. So our fingers are crossed that the bikes actually run,
or for that matter even exist. I guess you just have to trust your gut sometimes.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wally McGintis

A plan is starting to fall into place, be it a very loose plan, but a plan none the less.
My good friend Wally McGintis, (Aka Will Adams) has handed in his two weeks notice at the great bicycle sport shop in Austin T.X. Is selling all his worldly possessions and has brought a oneway plane ticket to Seattle. From here we plan on riding motorcycles back into Canada, through the canadian rockies, then south bound down into Baja. That being just the start.
Oh the good times are going to roll in.

Here is a little Clip of Mr McGintis I made about a year ago while visiting Austin.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A tribute to the mighty Honda CT.

Mr Knowles is my mighty Honda Ct 110. Also known as a” Postie bike”, “Honda Trail”, and I even heard him referred  to as a water buffalo. Due to his inability to get anywhere fast.
In the last 4 months I have ridden this hog from B.C Canada, down to San Diego U.S.A, then turned around and rode back.  Zig zagging all over the place in between. Racking up around 13,000 Kms.

He served me well, only asking for an oil change ever so often and some fuel here and there.
Now back up in canada, with my good friend for sale. I look back and only see good times spent aboard this mighty thumper.
What is next is unsure. Although I do think another motorcycle journey is lurking just around the corner...